Slow, haunting impressions and free-willed, at times broken, percussion.


An offshoot to - and composed by one half of - Them Teeth, Holy Mountain Beast fuses ritualistic rythms with screaming analogue noise and the odd droning guitar.


'Dead Mantra and Rituals; vol I / A Bibliography of Shamans' is Holy Mountain Beast's first official full-length release and is now available on chrome cassette tape(very limited release) and as digital download.

Dead Mantra and Rituals; vol I

/ A Bibliography of Shamans, LP

Release: November 24, 2017



01. Itzamna, an entrance shown

02. Serpent, dance of the feathered serpent god

03. Ritual, of carved stone and tree

04. Binding, of beast and man

05. Hunt, of wood and fire

06. Wailings, visiting tombs

07. Mountain, of spirit and woe


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