Them Teeth is a noise-folk two-piece, originally from the woodlands outside Gothenburg, Sweden.


Acoustic guitars waltzing with tribalistic doom-jazz percussion wrapped in a thick layer of droning noise and analogue gadgetry - 'Auditory Witchcraft' is the duo's first official full-length release, and the first part of a trilogy focusing on folklorish witchery.


'Auditory Witchcraft' is now available on chrome cassette tape(limited release) and as digital download.

Auditory Witchcraft, LP

Release: October 1, 2016



01. Mortel, Wiccecræft 03:28

02. Skuggdans 05:11

03. Muoter Scato 03:21

04. Stake pines 06:03

05. Below Woods Blackened 03:11

06. Mære Aglæca 04:39

07. Last Coven on Gallow Hill 07:39

08. Homeward, Vereor 04:52


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