Oscar W. Küsel or O.W.K. (Them Teeth) is a musician, producer and sound artist from Gothenburg, Sweden.

The Woods: a visceral descent into the violent nature of metamorphosis was recorded between 2017 and 2021.

Equal parts sonic experiment and musical venture–at its core O.W.K.'s The Woods: sets out to explore the space between organic and mechanical, the animate and the inanimate while simultaneously evoking images of ageing modernity devoured by the ancient and primitive and perhaps inevitable.

On The Woods: O.W.K. blends feedback noise with outright distortion and finds curious sounds within the chaos to mimic everything from chirps and woodland creatures to rustling treetops and harrowing winds. Amid the walls of swirling woodland noise custom made string instruments, both bowed and not, produce thick acoustic drones and melodies–accompanied by percussion, Foley and the odd vocal exercise.

The Woods: a visceral descent into the violent nature of metamorphosis is now available on CD and as digital download.

The Woods

Release: October 8, 2021


01. The composition of a trail / context; I & II 01:21

02. Roots swallowed the path 03:43

03. A gentle song / A lone redpoll lost its beak 03:26

04. Occurrence in a field 04:11

05. context; III: enteties/spectres 02:36

06. And so I fell with the weight of a thousand stars 04:10

07. Bjørnklo 02:04

08. And so the sequoia bled 03:29

09. A gentle song, pt. II / Abominable 04:31

10. Antlers / The fall of a great buck 04:08

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"Noise, ambience and harsh cinematic outbursts - take a walk through the cold, desolate countryside."

Oscar W. Küsel's The Backwood Narratives (with the subheading an unforgiving five-piece meditation on the experience of desolation) was recorded in May, 2020.

With a few exceptions, such as a scarce use of custom-built string instruments and a small amount of Foley work, The Backwood Narratives was created solely through the use of audio feedback, looping and cross-connecting the ins and outs of a small, analogue mixing console. No third party samples or field recordings were used.

The Backwood Narratives is now available as digital download.

The Backwood Narratives

Release: June 19, 2020


01. Weather forecast 05:16

02. Overcast 05:17

03. Void (apparition) 04:33

04. A lone signal migrates 06:59

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