Acoustic guitars waltzing with tribalistic doom-jazz percussion wrapped in a thick layer of droning noise and analogue gadgetry - Them Teeth is a noise-folk two-piece, originally from the woodlands outside Gothenburg, Sweden.

The duo's first official release, parts of which can be found on Erstwhile(2016), was recorded in 2011. After a few years on hiatus, and after the discontinuaton of the first release, the duo returned with Auditory Witchcraft in 2016.

Latest release: Illfänas, LP 2023

Illfänas, Them Teeth's third official full-length release, is a raw-sounding, ritualistic and fiercely repetative amalgam of folk strings and furious walls of noise.

While being the de facto successor to 2019's Sun of serpent, moone of cipher, Illfänas is not the third installment in the duo's "witch trilogy" but an untamed offshoot from the previously set path.

Illfänas is available in two different cassette case variants - standard O-Card and a super limited hand-made and hand-carved wooden case - and as digital download.

Illfänas, LP

Release: August 4, 2023


01. Willfarelse 06:29

02. Uti vildan skog 03:08

03. Korpsten 06:20

04. I hoolig trää sigh täckia 05:29

05. Hävd 04:10

06. Heks, hvirfvel 04:04

07. Afgrunder 03:25

08. Du skola aldrig få hvila 07:41

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Sun of Serpent, Moone of Cipher marks the second installment of Them Teeth's 'folkloric witchcraft' trilogy.

Sun of Serpent, Moone of Cipher, LP

Release: August 30, 2019


01. Dæl, she plucks downe moone and starres from skie 07:19

02. Hægtes, among the trees 04:22

03. Færum, hexenhammer 04:59

04. The Serpent Did Verily Speake 03:38

05. Cræft, suspiria 04:57

06. A knight genihtian, under earth 05:48

07. Muoter Niht 04:33

08. Gemædla, a procession of madness 08:36

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Unlike 2016's Auditory Witchcraft, Alkemisten & Vansinnet features no guitars, rhythms or actual melodies – instead the EP is compiled of two of the duo's most drone:esque tales of darkness and hysteria.

Alkemisten & Vansinnet, EP

Release: September 15, 2018


01. Alkemisten 07:01

02. Vansinnet 07:01

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Auditory Witchcraft was Them Teeth's first official full-length release, and the first part of a trilogy focusing on folklorish witchery.

Auditory Witchcraft, LP

Release:  October 1, 2016


01. Mortel, Wiccecræft 03:28

02. Skuggdans  05:11

03. Muoter Scato 03:21

04. Stake pines 06:03

05. Below Woods Blackened 03:11

06. Mære Aglæca 04:39

07. Last Coven on Gallow Hill 07:39

08. Homeward, Vereor 04:52

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Erstwhile is a compilation of tracks recorded between 2010 and 2012, a few of which were originally released on an EP that has since been discontinued.

Erstwhile, compilation EP

Release: March 7, 2016


01. Night With Saw 06:50

02. The Dust Settles 02:40

03. Night Shift Passed Sleep 06:24

04. Not Without the Teeth 04:00

05. No Escape In Sight 10:19

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Pentagraphs through Monography is a raw and live-to-tape-recorded EP that was only released digitally. PTM is not officially part of the Works ov Cauldron catalogue.

Pentagraphs through Monography, EP

Release date: Jan 28, 2016


01. Arithmomania through Oculus 10:03

02. Rudiments of Odontomancy 01:20

03. The accounts of the Demonosopher and Tesla 05:21

04. Laniary Readings at Dusk 12:27

05. Pyromancy of the Mathesis 08:11

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